Review: Petit Nuage Noir – Staring Into The Void

So let’s see what they bring to the table this time, is it still a brewing black cloud or has it evolved into a massive thunderstorm?

Band: Petit Nuage Noir
Album: Staring Into the Void
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Independent
Release Date, Album: 17 February 2024


The little black cloud is back! For those thinking what kind of drugs did you take, think again, Petit Nuage Noir is French for “a small black cloud”. It’s been a year since their debut album Among the Graves dropped, and in our review of said album, I said the name was cute for a black metal band, but they still managed to deliver one of my favorite albums of 2023.

It’s now 2024, and they are back with a new album which bares the title Staring Into the Void. So let’s see what they bring to the table this time. Is it indeed a little black cloud or did it transform into a massive thunderstorm?

The Album

As said, I liked their 2023 release Among the Graves and I was eagerly awaiting new work by them. And for me, they deliverance on their second album is a natural continuation of the first album, with good riffs, great drum work and black metal vocals that makes your skin crawl. It’s the perfect combination of elements that make for a great black metal album in my world.

From its runtime of 42 minutes over 9 tracks, it’s quickly apparent that the album is fast-paced. From the moment the first song starts, it just keeps going relentlessly. This kind of pummeling is probably not for everyone, but it fits me very well.

Take the fourth song, Mediocre (and yes, that’s really the title of the song), for example; the drums start rolling from the start and it sets a mood, even when the icy vocals sweeps in, it just keeps going and it does so for allmost 5 minutes. The vocals are as cold as ice (even Foreigner knew it abot them, way back) and the style of singing has a bit of story telling vibe to it which I also like. It makes you want to read the lyrics and dive a bit more into the idea’s behind the song.

This continues throughout the album; one other favorite song for me is the last track of the album, which describes my favorite pastime, “Staring into the Void” (while listening to black metal, of course). If you like drums that go off like machine guns, this is the track just for you. Gypsy, the drummer of the band (and also Coldrope, which is another great band) deserves all the praise. The drums just keep going together with the vocals make for a great experience. Moreover, worth mentioning is the last section of the track, around the 3:30 minute mark, the drums go like crazy, and you hear one final icy scream, and it just cuts off at the end. It’s a perfect end to a great album.


After being blown away by their debut album, does Petit Nuage Noir elevate to a new level of awesomeness? No, but that wasn’t necessary, the new album is good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are a fan of fast,black metal on the rawer side, you should give this album (and their previous one) a try. And if you like what you hear, you go out and support the artist!

BMZ Rating: 7 out of 10 (Good: The album is enjoyable and well-crafted. It demonstrates strong songwriting, production, or performances, and has a cohesive sound. It offers a satisfying listening experience.)

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