Review: Enterré Vivant – 四​元​素 (Shigenso)

Enterré Vivant; An Introduction

The collaboration between Erroiak and Sakrifiss De Transylvanie, brings together their blend of French and Japanese influences in a band called Enterré Vivant, or Buried Alive in English. They blend melodic, atmospheric black metal with experimental elements, creating a sound that’s certainly avant-garde and boundary-pushing. Their musical journey so far includes two EPs and two full-length albums. Their latest releases being a 3-song cover of Jacques Brel’s “Les bonbons” and their previous full-length, “Les Ténèbres ne sont pas formées d’ombre,” from 2021.

Enterré Vivant

“Shigenso” came to my attention while scrolling through uploads on Black Metal Promotion. What immediately caught my eye was the album cover, featuring a man pulling a carriage with a woman under a parasol. It’s not every day you stumble upon these types of Japanese/Asian black metal cover arts. What made it even more intriguing was the label “France/Japan” in the description. The fusion of the two cultures promised a unique listening experience, and “Shigenso” delivered, which is why I felt the need to give it a written review.

四​元​素 (Shigenso)

Enterré Vivant’s album takes the listeners on a captivating journey through the four elements, masterfully capturing the essence of each. It kicks off with “風 (Le vent),” a dedication to the element of wind, painting vivid atmospheric elements – gong tones and hymns blend seamlessly with enchanting flute melodies and a French monologue. Marking the record’s uniqueness and ability to fuse different cultural elements.

  1. 風 (Le vent)
  2. 火 (Le Feu)
  3. 水 (L’Eau)
  4. 水 (La Terre)

As we savour the unique introduction, it’s crucial to remember our anticipation as black metal enthusiasts. Our moment arrives around the 4.25 mark, delivering the powerful essence we’ve been waiting for. “火 (Le Feu)” kindles with flames, chants, and acoustic elements, evoking a campfire ambience before unveiling beautiful atmospheric black metal.

“水 (L’Eau)” stands out with its enchanting introduction featuring waterfall sounds, war chants, sword clashes, and mesmerizing tremolo melodies one could listen too endlessly.

“水 (La Terre)” kicks off with the sound of boots marching in the mud and rhythmic drumming, transporting the listener into the heart of a jungle ceremony. It maintains the atmospheric black metal essence, weaving in captivating melodic elements, creating a powerful experience.


Allow me to emphasize the remarkable vocal prowess displayed throughout this record. The diverse array of vocal styles infused into the album adds depth to the album. From familiar, searing screams of black metal to the unique vocal styles previously mentioned, the album takes you on a journey. Notably, you’ll encounter what could be described as “froggy” vocals, reminiscent of the iconic style of Inquisition, that we know so well. These diverse vocal elements come together to elevate the album’s landscape, making “Shigenso” a captivating experience.

If I were to single out my favourite aspect of this album, it would undoubtedly be the beautiful tremolo melodies, that when intertwined with the other atmospheric guitar elements, really moves me as a listener. It immerses you into the musical landscape in a mesmerizing way. If I should pinpoint one of these moments, it would be the section starting at the 5.30 mark in the fourth and final song, lasting for about 5 minutes. The section includes the “froggy” vocals, and amazingly touching guitar work with beautiful tremolo melodies.


“Shigenso” by Enterré Vivant is one of the unique black metal albums of the year, exploring the four elements – wind, fire, water, and earth – with experimental elements and amazing songwriting. It takes the listener on a really moving journey. I would recommend everyone to listen to this album, particularly fans of atmospheric black metal that appreciates longer passages with beautiful guitar work.

BMZ Score: 8,5 / 10

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