Ungeheuer – Nachtherrscher

A few days ago I found a gem, and that gem is called Nachtherrscher, and it’s the work of Ungeheuer. The band is a solo project of a man who calls himself Nachtgeist. He is from Germany and this is his first album (according to metal-archives).

The Lord of the Night

There are 7 tracks on this album with a total playing time of 41 minutes.

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  1. Quellwärts
  2. Schwarze Wässer
  3. Stein & Bein
  4. Alte Tiefe
  5. Bis da Gvatter mi hoit…
  6. Nachtherrscher
  7. Die Graue Sichel

And I loved every minute of it. The style is atmospheric. There is a pinch of raw Black Metal mixed in. As far as I am concerned, this is the perfect mix. The vocals of Nachtgeist are harsh and icy and fit the album.

The tracks “Schwarze Wässer”, “Nachtherrscher” and “Die graue Sichel” are the album highlights for me.
What appeals to me the most are the drums and the overall atmosphere of these songs. It just feels cold and the icy vocals blend into it perfectly, and it creates a cold and harsh atmosphere.

Just give the album a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

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This is the first of the short reviews that’s going to be published on this website, and the idea behind these short reviews is to raise awareness of new albums.

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