Review: RüYYn – The Flames, The Fallen, The Fury


Country: France
Town: n/a
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme: n/a
Label: Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

It’s finally happening! RüYYn (pronounced as ruins) will release their first full album on the first of December. The album will carry the title Chapter II: The Flames, The Fallen, The Fury. After their excellent EP (which was self-titled RüYYn) I was really looking forward to what the band will create when they would release a full album and lo and behold, it’s here!

The EP was a bit of a surprise for me when it was released. I loved the music it contained and the atmosphere it created, those paired with the splendid artwork made for an excellent EP release. More than 2 years have passed, and a second offering is now presented in front of us. So let’s discover what RüYYn’s sole member, Roman, has concocted for us.

Chapter II: The Flames, The Fallen, The Fury

The new album consists of 6 new tracks with a run time of 42 minutes. And one of the first things that caught my eye were the album titles. They are named Part I to Part VI, and that’s it. That means, at least to me, that the entire CD is one story, but personally, I’m not very found of this type of naming scheme. I like individual named titles because that gives off a sense of what the track is about, especially when you combine them with the lyrics. The lyrics are available, so it helped me getting some sense of what’s going on narrative wise, but not much. But that’s titles and lyrics, of course, a personal preference. Someone else could probably not give a rats ass about stuff like that, and that’s also fine.

I won’t go through all the tracks because I believe you need to experience a new album for yourself, it’s a journey you have to take alone. But to give you an idea what this album is about, you could say track one (Part I) covers a lot of the basis. The first second it sets an atmosphere and after a while the drums kick in and gives the song a bit of an oomph. Roman’s vocals are good and fit the songs like a glove. I like black metal vocals a bit more icy, but these are great nonetheless. These types of vocals are great for telling a story, and that’s the feeling I’m getting while listening to this album. The lyrics are decent, but I had a bit of trouble making sense out of them, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good or anything, but there is no clear story behind them (at least not for me).

Dancing flames and drums of war
blood and flesh, pleasure in ruin
there will be no requiem
at the end, the silence will reign

From: Part I

I find it impressive that a band consists of one person, since there is a lot to be done before an album is finished, but Roman does it all, the drums, guitar, bass, and vocals, and that’s admirable (that also goes for all the other one-person bands). For example, the drums sound great and I don’t have a feeling it’s a drum computer (but nowadays you never know, they do get better and better).

Another track that deserves a special mention is the one titled Part III. This track is the shortest of the album, but it packs a punch. It starts off with a bit of a build up, but after the 50-second mark it kicks off, the vocals are fierce and the drums and riffs are great. This is the track I would recommend if you want to know what this album is about.

Alone I walk the madness
the blood of my brothers strew the ground
I am the ancient icon
I am the burnt god

From: Part III

The third track also premiered on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel, you can listen to the track here:

YouTube player


So, after 2 years and a bit, was it worth the wait after adoring the EP as much as I did? The answer for me would be a yes. The album is crafted together well, and I haven’t mentioned it yet so far, but the album art also deserves some praise, it’s created by Joanna Maeyens.

Roman delivered, and I’m glad he did, and I’m excited about the upcoming albums this project will release. A live show I could attend would be great as well.

I rate this album 7,5 / 10

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