Digging Deeper: Norway Pt.3

In this series we take a look at some bands that necesserily does not get as much attention as they deserve. It will be based on particular countries, sub-genres or scenes.

There’s so much to be found in the depths of the Norwegian soil, so here we go with our third instalment in this series.


A duo that formed their project back in 2012, just recently put out their second album. They have recruited some fellow black souls from their local scene around Oslo to make for a full line-up to debut sometime later this year! Pagan and heathen Norwegian black metal echoing the life of our collective past.

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Support Draugenatt here: https://draugenatt.bandcamp.com/album/blod-og-tt


Born from the creative overflow from two members of another Norwegian underground act, Last Lightning, guitarist Kristian and drummer Kacper brew a certain flavorful concoction, still pitch black but brimming with atmosphere and melodic hooks that keep you listening with growing intensity.

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Support Kraft here: https://www.youtube.com/@KraftBlackMetal


Leave it to the kids to make some of the most exciting black metal to come out of Norway for years. Still in their teens, these guys have a great foundation to climb the Norwegian black metal ranks for years to come. Opening for the legendary Svarttjern recently shows that they take no prisoners.

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Support Krapyl here: https://www.instagram.com/bandetkrapyl/

Infernal Wind:

Not much is known of this solo project, as Ggatzshriiegk is listed as handling all instruments. Raw black metal with hints of crust punk. This is energetic and occult at the same time.

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Support Infernal Wind here: https://blackomen.bigcartel.com/product/infernal-wind-fiende-av-lyset-lp


Crawling back towards the light, Myrvandrer is the anthesis of DSBM, with their uplifting melodies and ethereal song structures. This is the kind of music you should have playing in your ears while enjoying the fresh air outside. Myrvandrer tip-toes between black metal agression and soft acoustic parts, definitely a must listen.

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Support Myrvandrer here: https://myrvandrer.bandcamp.com/album/lenge-leve-livet

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