Review: Ernte — Weltenzerstörer

Band: Ernte
Album: Weltenzerstörer
Genre: Raw Black Metal, Doom Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Vendetta Records
Released: June 7, 2024


In 2004, V. Noir founded the death metal band Parazide with 3 others, making a demo-EP called Reborn, which sounded like a more groovy Cannibal Corpse mixed with Mortician. Since he created Ernte in early 2019, the music has become more and more black as the releases go. V recruited Witch N. From bands Shever (2003) and Ashtar (2012), both of which were a mix of Doom metal and other extreme styles. Ashtar’s 2023 release was also a sort of collaboration between the two artists as Noir was responsible for the drumming and production side of the album while Nadine (Witch N.) handled the vocals and other instrumentation. Both artists have demonstrated their capabilities time and again, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy this, their latest and, in my opinion, most actualized black metal tape together.

The Album

  1. The Witch (Was Born in Flames)
  2. Ruler of Chaos, Bringer of Storm
  3. Silent and Bleak
  4. Trip to a Solitary Moon
  5. Vessels of Sacrifice
  6. The Fire Lake: Death of Souls
  7. Profound Eyes
1. The Witch (Was Born in Flames)

Opening with a distinguished, raw black metal tone, a simple drum beat carrying with it depraved, screeching vocals. All the while, a catchy repeating riff drones through a good half of the song, creeping or perhaps slithering towards an unsuspecting listener.

While this seems par for the course, that doesn’t hurt the quality herein fact, I think it’s more of what you’d want to hear out of a simple black metal song; at least that’s what draws me in. Pragmatic, catchy riffs that lull you into this cold, and truly lonely dimension.

A pained verse rings through to the latter half of this song into a melodic solo met by a catchy double kick section that breaks up some pace established earlier.

2. Ruler of Chaos, Bringer of Storm

The transition into the second song feels perfect here, fading out at the last moment and then starting abruptly. Now with a similar drum pattern, but it’s quicker. Whatever evil had been lumbering towards, now stands before us. Towering above. Simple yet sinister riffs leave a lot of room for the vocals in this song, which gives off a storytelling vibe which is complementary to these musicians.

I’m going to guess and say that these two like doom metal, at least for the few songs I’ve heard give that impression. This isn’t without blast beats though, nearly halfway in there’s a well-timed blast pattern alongside a frantic vocal delivery. The guitars and drums return to their normal patterns, and then they give us some kind of second intro before racing towards the end of another verse.

3. Silent and Bleak

Where do I begin? This one is just straight up, no-bullshit songwriting.

A clean intro that doesn’t linger, just two separate guitars accenting. Most black metal bands threw caution to the wind forever ago, and from my understanding, Ernte is no exception.

This song is a step above your everyday black metal song. This I had to pause for, and rewind more than a few times. There’s a lot of anger, frustration, and pain in Witch N’s voice.

The outro solo is perfectly timed, emotional and does well to welcome the quick end of the song.

4. Trip to a Solitary Moon

This track commences with a torrent of drums and chaotic wailing vocals. There’s a break around two minutes with a clean looping riff that builds tension, and not long after the tension is finally released with a darker version of the intro and verse riffs. Highlighting the harsh, extreme vocals. This part is moody yet empowering, a perfect choice of progression and melody here that we will sit through for a minute before being greeted by a necessary accentuated solo helped by the dark rhythm from before.

The ending is similar to the intro with its fury, eerie melodies crash into the vocalist once more before finally fading out.

5. Vessels of Sacrifice

Song five is called Vessels of Sacrifice, and it begins with a nice semi clean intro riff that gives us a short break from the standard of the album. But this is short-lived and the melody expands, and the rest of the band joins in. This song feels like “The Witch” part two or even a remix with how similar some of these sections are.

This is the case for most of the album, it’s consistent and reflective of what the band wants it to sound like without trying to reinvent the wheel.

6. The Fire Lake: Death of Souls

This is not the only time by now that you could have heard the development of a formula work well enough to stay the course of familiarity yet distant enough in other aspects to keep your brain and ears in check.

At times the monotony sets in, but never long enough before something interesting happens.

The intro sounds like a transition that would be in a live recording, which I think suits well.

The monotony I was referring to is brought on by constant slower backbeats, and while they have their place in rock and metal, it’s common to hear them be overused. (Kick, snare, kick, snare.) While there are parts of this song I don’t love, it evolves a lot in the 6:25 run time and reignites interest from section to section. The last few minutes are filled with fast and lengthy drum patterns, an appropriate guitar solo and a very catchy progression that lets you know that we’re not finished just yet.

7. Profound Eyes

A faster start and a dismally inspired melody to pull you into this one. This song is a sonic culmination of the entire album’s best emotions and structure. Like a fantasy novel transposed into a blackened, mythical world.

It’s as you would expect, with nothing to overcomplicate the process. The ending is clean, with a final shrieking word. It fades out not too quickly, crafting a tangible, emotional atmosphere that often after listening to can only be quelled by a pensive “Wow”.


There’s a lot here that I believe many black metal musicians could learn from in that you don’t have to overcomplicate things and just as well… You don’t have to appeal to tradition as much as your contemporaries.

I won’t lie and say that I loved every second of this album, but the mixing, the powerful vocalist and the tried and true black metal sound and structure build a trve blackened experience. You can bet I’m waiting rather impatiently for their next release!

BMZ Rating: 7 out of 10

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