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The blasphemous black metal band Sacrilegious Impalement out of Finland’s cold forests were kind enough to participate in an interview with us. Last year, the band released their newest album, Infinite Victor, after a 10-year hiatus. For the interview we discussed Infinite Victor, music creation rituals as blood drinking, necromancy, and drinking absinthe with soil from the grave of Jim Morrison.

Band Photo - Sacrilegious Imaplement
Sacrilegious Impalement – Band Photo

If that last bit wasn’t intriguing enough, in true Finnish ways, pour a cup of coffee, add vodka, and enjoy the rest of the read.

Who are you, and why did you decide to form Sacrilegious Impalement?

– Von Bastard: I needed a channel to exhale my musical and philosophical outputs. A Black Metal band resonated and suited the most for this purpose. Some of you know me from FRONT or Evil Angel as well.

What is the story about the bands’ name? What is its origin, and were there ever any other name suggestions in circulation?

– Von Bastard: Let’s look at the name closely. Sacrilegious Impalement. At first look it seems very blasphemous and offending, first thought would be Longinus impaling Jesus with his spear, or the rusty nails piercing God’s only son. There’s nothing wrong with that imagery, I very much caress that vision myself too. But it isn’t just that. Let’s look closer. Sacrilegious. Well, one of the most blasphemous things you can do to the church is questioning their teachings and doctrines and what they force on to you. If you question their “truths” it is a sacrilegious, forbidden act. Impalement. That is linked to the aforementioned forced truths of the church. When you question them and find your truths, it can be considered a metaphor as piercing through the force fed lies. As you can see, the name is both very brutal and spiritual at the same time, and that represents our offerings very well.

How do you see yourselves as a band? Do you have a set goal for Sacrilegious Impalement?

– Von Bastard: We are a unit, no one is more important than the other. Everyone’s work is equal in the end. On stage, we are like a vortex from hell. Our only goal is to stay true to ourselves and do our work only the way we all can stand behind.

What is your process of making new material like? Is there a ritualistic scheme you follow to fire up the musical
machine? Are all members a part of this process?
Sacrilegious Impalement - Infinite Victor album cover
Infinite Victor – Album

– Von Bastard: Occasionally there can be rituals used to strengthen the channel from beyond.  For example, drinking blood with vodka, or even necromancy. When I was in Père Lachaise, I asked permission from the Lizard King Morrison to take soil from his grave, then devouring some of it with absinthe. The results were strong and… let’s say interesting. This is not for everybody to try. Occasionally I just rape the guitar and see what comes out of it.

When I have the channel open, I try to stay in that state and capture most of it and translate it through my guitar. From there I just work the music for our songs, adding bass lines, second guitar, drum patterns etc. I usually do a pre-demo which I show to the other guys and from there we work the final result where everyone gets to add their input, and fingerprints to the songs.

Every so often I write lyrics too. But this is something I want to be left for the vocalist to handle. To give him the freedom to channel his things to the songs. I think it’s essential that the vocalist can fit the words to his mouth to spit them out just the way he wants.
I am very honored to work with Wrathprayer as our vocalist/lyricist. Without bias, he is one of the most underrated lyricists out there, at least here in Finland. I find that too many lyrics are disguised as smoke and mirrors, a kind of pseudo spiritual mambo-jambo. Wrathprayers lyrics are something genuine as flesh and blood, cold pure manifestations of human, and it’s blind delusional faiths towards something that is not. The real deal, that can be too much for someone.

What/who has inspired and influenced you as a musician or as a person? Is there any band or person Sacrilegious Impalement would love to collaborate with?

– Von Bastard: Far too many to mention… But the first and therefore the most important was Glenn Danzig’s Samhain. That was the reason I picked up guitar in the first place. Of course, thereafter, the path has taken more routes to where it is right now.
I don’t know about collaborations… I have received around ten offers to do a split release but have turned them all down. Some of them were from the bands from the top of the game in this genre. But I am not going to sell my principles just because of that. You see, if we ever do a split release, there has to be a strong bond and connection between the bands. Not just for the sake of releasing something. For example, I’d consider doing a split with my good friends of Exordium, or Goatsodomy because we share a special connection that money or a shiny new release can’t buy.

Regarding your music video of Storming Death: How was the creation process of this video, who has the ideas for the thematics as the barbed wire strings and razor guitar pick? Is this solely for the video, or can this also be found in your live performances?

Von Bastard: I wrote, directed and cut/edited the video. Of course, we would use those on the live sets also, but the gigs would be only about one song long. It’s a pity that the human body can’t hold up a whole gig of barbed wire bass or razor blade guitar picks.
There is a second video for Infinite Victor coming up. This time for Wolves Cry for a Final Battle.

How did Infinite Victor become the piece it is today? Was there a constant plan or idea for this album in the 10 year gap between the album and Lux Infera? What does Infinite Victor portray for/to you personally?

– Von Bastard: Infinite Victor was born from the pure fact that my flame lit ablaze once again for Sacrilegious Impalement. We could have done meaningless albums in this ten-year period, but they would have lacked the soul. We are never going to do a record if it doesn’t deserve to be released. They have got to have more in-depth meaning to justify their existence. Though, that decade was not wasted as I worked with FRONT & Evil Angel.

Infinte Victor is an honorary title for Death, the fourth horsemen, the ultimate victor. Everyone dies. In time, mankind dies and the concepts of god dies with it. Nothing is left but cold Death. Start to prepare for your turn.

For Wrathprayer: How and when did you start off as a vocalist? Has music/singing been a big part of your life before starting in bands? Which black metal vocalist has your favorite vocal style?

– Wrathprayer: I started in 1992 out of necessity when a vocalist of a band I was in back then left suddenly on our way into a studio to record a demo. There were some live occasions earlier where I did some vocals too, but that was the exact moment I started, in 1992.
Music has been, and still is, a big part of my life, either composing or listening to some. I haven’t done singing before in any bands.
There are quite a few vocalists with a good tone, to name a few I like: Darkthrone, Cosmic Church, and Clandestine Blaze’s vocals.

– For Von Bastard: When did you first start playing string instruments, and do you have talent with other instruments? Who do you see as legends behind the guitar and bass within black metal?
Von Bastard - Photo by Soile Siirtola
Von Bastard – Photo by Soile Siirtola

– Von Bastard: When I first heard Samhain & Misfits. My goal was just to learn one riff or song from them, and I’d be completed. Soon I knew all those songs and moved to other bands which resonated with me the most: Mayhem, Burzum, Dissection, Thorns, Deicide, Motörhead, Slayer… Too many to continue the list. Anyway, soon I realized that I could do my stuff too. From there, I started to master the craft of channeling from the unknown. Guitar obsesses me the most, you can do so much different stuff with it,  but I mess around with other instruments too. For example, on Infinite Victor, I recorded the bells with WWII era grenade shells & human leg bones. Master legends can be found from those bands I mentioned.

Where is Sacrilegious Impalement headed next? Is there new material brewing already?

Von Bastard: There is. When writing this, we have already recorded some songs from around 2011. We have shitloads of unrecorded songs piled up from over the years. Furthermore, new material is coming together very promisingly. Definitely not going to take another 10 years, this time, to release a new album.

Is there a special place on this earth that you or the band dreams of performing at?

– Von Bastard: Post-apocalyptic area.

What is one message Sacrilegious Impalement would like to convey to its listeners and fans?

– Von Bastard: First, listen to some Sacrilegious Impalement. Then go to do just your thing. Whatever that is, put your whole mind and body to it. And the next time, try to overcome what you did the last time.

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