Nidvinter – Winter Wars

A peacefull morning ruined…

One early morning, while scrolling through my YouTube feed before getting out of bed, I stumbled upon this EP amidst all the regular regurgitated bullshit that demands our attention 24/7. Skepticism crept in as it started off as dungeon synth, but I decided to give it a chance.

Nidvinter - Winter Wars

The payoff came quickly, as nasty tom fills and the harrowing screeching from a guitar demanded my full attention. This was something my neighbors needed to hear as well. So, I ran half-naked into my living room, turned on my stereo, and started blasting this EP. While my coffee was brewing, I realized that caffeine now would be like adding fuel to an already intense inferno of hellfire that threatened to engulf my small apartment in flames.

The awesome, chaotic drumming blended nicely with my neighbors’ desperate hammering outside my room, and the piercing vocals managed to drown out their cries for some morning peace. By the end of this relentless 25 minute EP, I needed more. However, just as I tried to press play again, the cops rammed down my door and threw me to the floor.

“Please, please officer, just give this fucking music a listen!” I begged. They gave me a chance, but Nidvinter did not. As soon as the music started again, the officers looked at me in disbelief. They then proceeded to take my handcuffs off and put a straightjacket on.

In all seriousness, if you enjoy raw black metal, vampiric black metal, and maybe even some dungeon synth, give these two crazy bastards from Oslo a chance.

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