Imperial Demonic – Beneath the Crimson Eclipse


The black metal scene has been steadily expanding with the emergence of great new bands in recent times. Recently, I came across the debut EP “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse” by Imperial Demonic, a melodic black metal band hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Released through Lion Record, their EP immediately caught my attention with its polished sound reminiscent of the late 90s/early 00s.

Speaking of the polished sound, it’s worth noting the exceptional work of Kacper Lewandowski and James Reeve in the recording process at Third Level Audio. The clarity and depth of the mix are unparalleled, resulting in an immersive listening experience.

The EP

Returning to the music, the EP’s opening moments instantly evoke thoughts of Dark Funeral and, at times, the earlier works of Dimmu Borgir – both during their best eras, in my opinion. The songs are undeniably aggressive, evil, and harsh, with “The Furnace” in particular blasting at full heat right out of the gate. Beyond its aggressive sound, the track serves as a perfect opener with its well-crafted structure and appropriate length.

Imperial Demonic - Beneath the Crimson Eclipse

During my research, while listening to the blasting track “The Path of Night,” I noticed that drummer Cameron Åhslund-Glass is responsible for all the music and lyrical work on this EP. His work as the sole writer of both the music and lyrics on the album is remarkable. The talent and creativity required to produce an entire album on one’s own are a testament to his dedication and passion for music. The intricate melodies and thought-provoking lyrics reflect his artistic vision and demonstrate his ability to craft a cohesive and compelling body of work. It’s evident that his hard work and commitment have paid off in the form of a truly outstanding EP.

Beneath the Crimson Eclipse is a taste of what’s to come, and I look forward to their full album release. These five tracks are non-stop action, and I wonder how they will fit into a full album.


Beneath the Crimson Eclipse pays homage to the greats of the genre, particularly bands like Dark Funeral, while still remaining their own sound/blend. The result is a sonic assault that is both unapologetic and captivating.

My favorite track, ‘Dawn Of The Infernal Age’, hits like a train and will undoubtedly remain in my playlist alongside ‘The Furnace’.

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